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28 May

I just got off the phone with my Aunt and started thinking. She doesn’t get communicating online at all. She gets the technology, but she doesn’t get why people spend so much time and money to talk to strangers or have more email than they can handle. This stumped me for a minute, but then I got a theory.

It used to be you could talk to people on the street. You could chat about the weather or the news and it would be nice and then you’d go your separate ways. But now you have to worry that they are psycho or they’re gonna ask you for something, or worse, that they’ll think you are weird.

So from this condition we have shut ourselves down. We size somebody up in a second and we cross the street, either literally or figuratively. We judge people by how they look, of course, but it’s a complex assessment– in a flash– based on so many little things that it takes up too large of your brain.

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My Grounds for Blogging

31 Mar

1. Worpress has more fun than blogger does. It is even way better than Facebook. On the basis of comment thread, that is. Such plug-in makes the platform very easy to navigate.

2. If you blog in WordPress and don’t comment on other bloggers’ posts, you might consider setting your journal private or deactivate the comment box to earn some reader’s respect on your schemes. Because it takes effort to fish comments.. unless you do have some weird insight- let’s say, tips on a healthy relationship with your goldfish (which others normally freak out to write about)- that will surely provoke one to shit some weird compliment on your page.

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OK GO – The Coolest Band Evah!

23 Mar

If you haven’t seen them yet, here’s a f*ckyeah rock-n-roll band whose videos are ridiculously amazing that they deserve their own post. I was staring, mouth-open throughout the video of the song, This Too Shall Pass. I know, for some, the concept is too raw to be adequate, but the only word I can say is “Kudos.” The live version of this song from OK GO site is also a great recording. I mean, the levels were set correctly.

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The Art of Blogging

20 Feb

The art of blogging is to send a new character of yourself to the forest – a character who is honest, charming and innocent – a character in whom any hungry reader would see himself by past recall and would welcome into his house. The reader then would feast on the lost character with his hungry mouth until the character bleeds (yet seems bewildered) at her being human. Continue reading