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more tickets to a happy sex-change surgery

13 May

My friend Michael, now Michelle, sent me questions she wanted to ask all her friends. Never thought of them myself, but now I hope someone could show an answer. This issue just popped up yesterday. Pretty excellent.

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Such Long, Saving Times

21 Mar

There is something just to proximity, to having known a person by constant conversations, to loving his words and the realizations behind it, the cheerful voice that comes out of him, the efforts he makes to be amusing, and then, too, something to having been awhile– let’s say, a week or two, a day, an hour, the time in which you were removed, briefly free of him, even– and to coming back into places you had been before and finding him still there, unchanged, the same as he was when you last checked on him, left him.

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My staple friend, wherefore art thou?

25 Feb

These day, I am getting more out of reach to my friends. Of course they don’t look actually like they are worth much but they mean to me whenever I am with them, and they’re worth something in saddest times. One of them said last week that I had been throwing myself away (diverting myself, that is). She said about many things I did without their knowing (like changing my mobile number).

But it has never been necessary for me to lay hands on the subject of friendship. I don’t need to be with them most of the times to check their latest fuss, to update myself, or to make myself an immediate sponge of their drama. All I have to do is to wait for some nice invitation, go right off into their plans, and let the moment evanesce after a couple of beer. Continue reading

15 Things I Wish

18 Feb

1. I wish I could quit smoking.

2. I wish there was something otherwordly in the kind of beauty I possess. I wish something in it went beyond gender. There nothing duller in  this world than being a homely, hideously ordinary looking boy. Continue reading

Just a Beautiful Day

14 Feb

This morning everything is clean; the landlady of the house I am living in has picked up the branches and leaves strewn around the yard, which I normally pass by; all the rags and curtains have been washed and hung dry but pocked with impressions of rain, and the wooden floor glisten in the yellow seven am light. I sit at the living room couch with a stick of cigarette, looking at the grace of the morning. Continue reading


9 Feb

Sometimes you advance towards a specific destination with not just a sense of purpose and direction, but with a sense of what to expect, and you progress assured in the knowledge that the world you know will be as you know it and have always known it. Continue reading

Thank you, my suckingbirds.

6 Feb

left to right (Esmina, Ax, Otep, Machong Butiki)

Esmina: Guys, buntis ako!

Ax, Machong Butiki, Otep: Huwhattttt??

Ax: Akala ko ba hindi ka babae.

Esmina: (umiiyak) Bakit, babae lang ba ang nabubuntis?

Otep: Esmina naman. Libreng mangarap pero wag mo namang totohanin.

Machong Butiki: Eh bat mo kami pinatawag? Kung kelan ako busy para sa Valentines Day, saka ka mangugulo.

Esmina: Kasi alam kong isa sa inyo ang ama ng dinadala ko.

Ax: Baog ako!

Otep: Baog din ako!

Machong Butiki: Lalo na ako. Paano kita mabubuntis, eh wala namang ari ang mga butiki.

Esmina: Eh sino sisisihin ko?!! Kayo lang naman ang laging pumapasok sa blog ko.

Otep: Hoy, pumapasok lang ako para kunin yung mga gold fish ko.

Machong Butiki: Huh? Kelan ba ako pumasok sa blog mo? Hindi ko nga ma-update yung blog ko.

Ax: Nakikinig lang naman ako sa background music mo.

Esmina: Ang sama niyo!! Gumamit pa ako ng photoshop para magretoke tong mukha ko at ito lang ang mangyayari sakin? Hoy Machong Butiki. Bigyan mo ako ng 525, 600 dahil ipapalaglag ko tong dinadala ko. At kayong dalawa, ano ba’ng maitutulong niyo?

Otep: Kausapin ko muna mama ko.

Ax: Tawagan mo na lang ako pag okay ka na. Isusulat kita sa blog ko. Promise.

top to bottom (Soiebeans, J.Kulisap, Tuberlings, Orville, Top Express, Melancholic)

Soiebeans: Hay naku. Ilang beses ko ng sinabi kay Esmina na mgdala ng condom. Hindi kasi nakikinig.

Tuberlings: It was not her fault. It was not her fault. It was theirs.

J.Kulisap: Punta nga kayong lahat sa Jackulandia– may free sex education sa kaharian ko.

Top Express: People are people. Nagkakamali din.

Orville: Oh. What a wrong thing!

Melancholic: (through text) Congrats Esmina!


Thank you, my suckingbirds. You made OH POROUS SKY, my new tambayan, so colorful in it’s first month.