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A Beautiful Parody

21 May

I like faces. I like poses, not all poses, but I like the idea of a person being posed. I like that people are able to pose.

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The King and the Mysterious Stick

6 Apr

Once there was a faraway kingdom ruled by a king who was privileged to command his subjects as he wanted. But in the entire kingdom, there was only one who could turn wishes to reality, and that was the sorcerer.

On the driest day of the year, when all vegetations became wilted and the air was bitter with dust, the king went to the sorcerer’s house and found the courage to knock. When the sorcerer came, he saw behind her firewood burning on the hearth, brightly covered furniture as soft as newly sheared wool, and a lamp lit. He sat in one, with his boots on the rug and his hands stretched to the fire.

The sorcerer said nothing, and at last the king spoke his visit. “Can you help me? I have three wishes.” The sorcerer asked what they were. When the king gave descriptions of his wishes, she said, though she could brim the river with fresh water and make all trees bear fruit, the first two wishes were unachievable.

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For life is always hinged on optimism.

20 Mar

Every morning now, when I come to life again,  it amazes me to be in the world, that in the day ahead I will be able to witness some event, to read on the telephone what my family or friends are doing, where they dined the night before, to know their menu and what they said to each other about someone else. It amazes me that today or tomorrow I can write about a man or a woman and make them better characters in my stories or poems than they are; that I can read a book I’ve always wanted to; that I can go to a movie; that I can peel a sweet mango and cut it into pieces while I read anything in the magazine. Continue reading

The Riddle

10 Mar

Supposing that:

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays are the lover’s right to “lie” days.

And, supposing that:

Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are the beloved’s right to “lie” days.

Let’s say that the remaining day, i.e. Sunday, is considered a day of “truth” for both of them.

One day, suppose you hear the following conversation;

The lover says: “I lied yesterday.”

The beloved replies: “Yeah, me too.”

What day is this conversation taking place?

Things My Parents Taught Me

28 Feb

Each of my parents, like all parents, hoped for a better likeness of himself/herself reflected back in their child. I don’t suppose it occured to either of them that they could have tried to stretch the borders for themselves, rather than stretch the child. Still, I’m grateful, I know how to do most of everything. Continue reading

Between portrait and taste, there is love.

2 Feb

I like faces.

I like poses, not all poses, but I like the idea of a person being posed. I like that people are able to pose. I like the way a face such as this can be made to look at different angles and under changes of light.

I like the transformations that are possible in portrait photography, the control that is possible, and the surprise that can come, with control.

I share to you Douglas Neitzke- my god, my muse. Now, tell me, who is yours?