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Monday Shit & Blues

17 May

I was sad today, so I spent the afternoon in the streets with a new buddy spitting on ugly passersby.

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Isn’t it?

25 Jan

Life is as simple as riding through the roads to your workplace in a typical song-filled jeepney, sitting next to a person who is so beautiful that every time you look at him/her you just feel good all over =))

Contest #1: Caption Me

23 Jan

Last week, Ram (a friend of mine) and I went vagabonding. We strolled around the city, savoured the bounty of subtle rain and then took a couple of pictures of the grafitti we found on the walls of a soon-to-be-renovated building. The building is somewhere in Bajada, Davao City, if you want to know.

That huge grotesque thing in the photo was one of the stuff there that interested us the most. And that little boy was tagging along as we moved from walls to walls to take pictures, so Ram made use of him and took that photo.

So bloggers,  if you were to give this photo a title, what would it be?

Note: The winner gets a special feature on the sidebar of my blog. The contest is open ’til Wednesday next week (January 27).

Sige kaibigan, iputok mo!