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Noiseless Patient Spider

23 Jun

I feel like just updating this blog, but I have nothing artful to speak about. What better method than just ramming down the keyboard and listening to a good list of indie music?

Andrew Belle is playing on my Windows Media Player right now. Ever since I first heard ‘Oh My Stars,’ I’ve been hooked. This is one of the few tracks that I can enjoy the whole working shift. Belle’s voice is nice, even if he sounds like beating his baton. HAHA Bah, it’s raspy and orgasmic. Perfect for this time. (It’s 2:30 am, btw.)

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Be Careful

16 Apr

When neon lights meet the waking sky
And the birds won’t stop winging
When the stereo of the first jeepney you ride in is playing your song
You will remember him

You will remember the smell of his deoderant mixed with sweat
Which knuckles he torn before he laid down next to you

His peculiar snore and inability to understand sarcasm will escape you
You won’t remember his inferiority complex
How he beat your understanding nature into you
You will focus only on the taste of his skin
The way he fingered the hair out of your eyes
How he left you for Someone Else

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How should you love me? Let me count the ways!

5 Mar

Boy on a Beach by Henry Scott Tuke

If you could just play guitar
as well as you love me
you’d sit and play guitar
’til all the neighbors said to me:
“Your boyfriend can beat that guitar!”
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